Thursday, February 28, 2008

REEM B Humanoid Service Robot

Spanish company PAL Technology's ultimate goal is to develop a humanoid
service robot, and REEM B is the latest prototype they've produced. The
robot can navigate autonomously around buildings, identify and interact
with people and objects and carry heavy weights. He may not be as nippy
or sleek as Honda's ASIMO—his top speed is just under one mile an hour—but he's stronger than the latter, as you can see in the video.

REEM B's hands can perform some pretty sophisticated movements, even
if he looks a little wobbly climbing stairs. The robot can recognise
voice commands, maps the surrounding environment automatically and
operates for 2 hours on one battery charge.

The demonstration of him lifting 17 lbs of water makes ASIMO's
efforts with a paltry tray of coffee seem pretty weak, doesn't it? In
fact, REEM B can lift up to 25% of its own weight.
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