Friday, June 6, 2008

Tween Insight - Ypulse report


- Teen boys watch more television than teen girls averaging about an hour and a half more (13.2 hours a week)

- For tweens (8 to 11), the average amount of television consumed
during a typical week is 12.2 hours with tween boys watching about 14.5
hours. (during the school year)

- For tween viewers, "American Idol" is no longer number one. "Hannah Montana" is while Idol dropped about 15 points

- For tween girls, ABC's Dancing With The Stars moved up four notches to land in the fifth spot.

- For tween boys (8 to 11), it's all about "SpongeBob" and "Zack
& Cody." The biggest mover was the ABC comedy "The George Lopez
Show," which shot up 10 spots to secure the seventh spot


- The top sites tweens visit -- Webkinz among both tween boys and
tween girls. Neopets, owned by Viacom's interactive unit as well as

- Club Penguin remains in third place for tween girls and dropped from 11th place to 13th place for tween boys since last summer

- AddictingGames is fast becoming the top casual gaming site among
all youth, not just the kids and teens [guess who's keynoting the
"Casual Gaming for Youth" pre-conference?]

What they think is cool...or hot

- The hottest thing for tweens right now are Apple iPods (92%)
followed by the Wii (81%) the DS or DS Lite (77%), downloading music
(also 77%) and caring about the environment (71%) [wow green tweens!]

Entertainment & Pop Culture

- Tweens see an an average of 1.3

- Tween attendance is consistent with a year ago, while the average
number of movies teens see in a typical month has increased slightly
from 1.5 movies a year ago

- Most appealing move genres for teens - action/adventure titles followed by comedies

- Tweens prefer comedies followed by animated features, action/adventure

- For the third straight year, "Pirates of the Caribbean" star
Johnny Depp retains the title as the most popular Hollywood celebrity
among teen and tween females

- Funny man Adam Sandler is tops among the boys followed closely by the two Will's--Will Smith and Will Ferrell

- Retail And Shopping

- For tweens, it's all about candy, gum and games

- Old Navy, for both tween boys and girls, remains the most shopped
at specialty clothing retailer by a considerable margin...well ahead of
second place The Gap and third place Aeropostale by about 17 share

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