Friday, July 4, 2008

Ypulse Research: Sulake's 2008 Global Habbo Youth Survey

We're excited to announce that Sulake (the parent company of the massive virtual world Habbo Hotel) has joined our growing list of Ypulse Research
partners who are selling their Gen Y related research through us,
helping to realize our vision of creating a "one-stop-shop" for all of
the latest market research available about tweens, teens and early
twentysomethings. You can now purchase Sulake's 2008 Global Habbo Youth Survey on Ypulse.
Based on a survey of 58,000 teenagers aged from 12 to 18 years old from
31 countries, the report covers values and attitudes (from "I Want a
Normal Life" to "I'm Young, but I Worry"), interests, media usage and
online habits, consumption habits (including "My Cash Flow") and brand
preferences. Here are just a few of this year's findings:


- 75 percent of all respondents say TV is an important medium for them (six percentage points up on from the 2006 study)

- When looking at the most popular TV content, teen tastes are very
similar all over the world. Amongst both boys and girls the overall
favorite TV show is "The Simpsons," which was also the clear favorite
in 2006


- Girls read more magazines whereas boys are slightly more interested in reading newspapers

- Overall, respondents viewed newspapers as the least important medium with 25 percent stating them to be not important at all.


- Music, along with clothing and appearance, is one of the main ways of
expressing identity to others, both connecting and dividing today's
younger generations through the sub-cultures associated with different
genres. This is reflected by the three highly distinctive bands that
emerge as most popular on a global scale: Fall Out Boy, Linkin Park and
Tokio Hotel.

- also some surprising findings. For example hip hop listeners are
more likely to have an interest in more traditional sports such as
football and basketball, whereas extreme sports are associated with an
interest in rock. Cooking is rated highly by those with an interest in
girl and boy bands; however it is shunned by the rockers who are at the
complete opposite end of the scale.


- Compared to the previous 2006 survey, mobile phone usage was the one
single area that showed the most significant growth compared to other
topics surveyed.

- In the 2006 survey only 38 per cent of teens used their handset to
listen to music; now 71 per cent of teenagers are using their mobiles
as a portable mp3 player. 80 percent of teens in Singapore, Italy and
Austria listened to music in this way, though teens in Japan and
Finland listen to music on their mobiles the least.

- 70 per cent of teens are now using their mobile to take photos and
videos, an 11 percentage points increase compared to 2006.

- 64 per cent now play games on their mobile compared to 51 per cent in 2006.

- Over a quarter of teens also use their mobile to surf the net, email and send instant messages.

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