Friday, May 29, 2009

WowWee Robot Gaming

"All of us are gamers, we all play video games all of the time," said Davin Sufer, chief technology officer of WowWee.

"We have some products inspired by fast-moving vehicles (that we are
working on)," he said. "Grand Theft Auto-style, fast moving vehicles
that will interact with each other.

"WowWee hoped to introduce a robot that used augmented reality to turn
everyday spaces into a video game like world, but they backed away from
the notion because they thought it might be too complex for the average
consumer to understand and enjoy.

"Initially the idea behind [Rovio] was more for gaming
applications," Sufer said. "You play a game through a robot, by driving
it around."

The idea was that you would place markers in a room in your house and
then drive the robot around, controlling and watching it through a web
browser, he said. When the robot saw and recognized those markers the
software would replace the markers with gaming icons.

WowWee hasn't dropped the idea though, they hope to either release the
software to support augmented reality with Rovio or perhaps release a
new version of the three-wheeled bot with the game built into it.

"I think that video games are getting more and more immersive and more
and more interesting," Sufer said. "But there is always room for
physical games and video games sometimes drive that need for real life

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