Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lending Club Passes $100,000 Mark In Loans To Facebook Users

Lending Club, the Facebook exclusive person-to-person lending service has passed the $100,000 mark in loans to Facebook users.

Lending Club was an original Facebook Platform/ F8
partner having launched with F8 on May 24. The company closed its first
loan on June 6, and has since closed 27 more loans for a total of
$101,250. An additional $212,650 in loans will close in the next 12
days. More than $180,000 is currently available from 271 lenders with
around 10-15 new lenders transferring money to Lending Club every day.

The social networking angle of Facebook allows Lending Club to
leverage trust by enabling lenders to find borrowers within shared
networks. Lending Club uses technology to pair the two parties based on
shared connections without giving lenders direct access to the
borrowers Facebook profile.

P2P lending is a rapidly growing market. Lending Club faces stiff competition from companies such as Zopa, CircleLending and Prosper.
Although it may not be the market leader in terms of volume, Lending
Club’s growing success demonstrates the potential of Facebook as a
sales and finance platform.


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