Monday, November 26, 2007

Teen Survey of preferences

Where do they learn about cool, new products?

The interweb, of course (65 percent)

Friends come next (62 percent)

TV commercials third (54 percent)

We know they're headed to the malls (95 percent), but which stores are they going to?

Electronics (46 percent)

Bath & body (45 percent)

Music (surprise. surprise.) (41 percent)

Who gets the most of teens' hard earned money? ($100 or more)

Their sweetie (28 percent)

Mom and dad (20 percent)

Grandma and grandpa (18 percent)

What do they want most?

Money! (39 percent)

Laptop or desktop computer (30 percent)

Clothes (25 percent)

A new car! (24 percent)

If they could ask for just one gift, it would be:

Laptop/desktop computer (15 percent)

Money (12 percent)

Car (11 percent)

And as for the brands they want?

When specifically asked about brands, Apple was the most
cited brand in the music technology category, Dell was ranked #1 for
computers/laptops, the Motorola RAZR phone led the mobile phone
category, and Microsoft’s X-Box 360 was the leading video game console,
while Halo 3 was the leading video game. Abercrombie and Fitch was the
clothing brand most teens say they want and when it comes to cars, Ford
and Cheverolet brands were most cited.

I'm surprised by the RAZR vs. the iPhone and by American auto brands
vs. Toyota and Honda. The biggest take away is that eCommerce still as
a long way to go in attracting teens because of credit cards/payment
and they view shopping as a social activity they do with their friends
at the mall. The exceptions would be for online retailers selling
something you can't find offline. Obviously teens check out retail
websites to find what they want, but they are still buying it in

Update: Weekly Reader also surveyed tweens and teens 8-17 on which consoles and games they wanted and found...

Eight of 10 children said they would ask for a video game;
the five favorites, the survey found, are Guitar Hero, Mario Party DS,
Super Mario Galaxy, My Sims and Halo 3.

And nearly six out of 10 (59%) intend to ask for a console game
system as a holiday gift. Most popular? The Nintendo Wii (32% plan to
ask for it), followed by the Sony PlayStation 3 (19%) and Microsoft
Xbox 360 (17%).

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