Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Neopets Launches Wider Product Line with Ties to Web

Neopets partnered last fall with JAKKS Pacific
to launch a line of Web-connected plush toys, which seem to have taken
off. Now Nickelodeon & Viacom Consumer Products is broadening the
merchandise line with new plush, trading cards, vinyl figures,
playsets, books, stationary, apparel and video games. All the products
will tie back into the online Neopets world, specifically aimed at the Key Quest game,
including virtual tokens or collectible goods, and many will aim for
collectible status themselves through limited or retired editions.

their retail debut this year, the Neopets products have performed
extremely well," Leigh Anne Brodsky, President, NVCP, said in a
statement. "We're bringing the successful digital-first world of
Neopets to the real world with an amazing range of collectible
products. We've worked hard with Jakks to deliver a line of toys that
appeals to both the original fan base of this brand and to the
'newbies' as well."

The new products include, from the press release:

  • Neopets Puzzle Adventure (working title) from Capcom(R)
    Entertainment -- a leading worldwide developer, publisher and
    distributor of interactive entertainment for game consoles, PCs, and
    handheld devices, has teamed up with Neopets on a new game for the
    popular Wii(TM), Nintendo DS(TM) and PC platforms that will take
    puzzle solving skills to new levels with a unique Neopets twist.
    Neopets Puzzle Adventure will be the first multi-platform puzzle
    adventure game based on the popular virtual community giving players
    the ability to earn virtual prizes, experience 150 different quests
    and choose from 12 customizable Neopian characters. As a bonus to
    Neopets fans, players will be able to earn codes throughout the game
    that will unlock exclusive items in the Neopets virtual world.
  • Neopets toys, activities and stationery from Jakks Pacific -- top
    producer of children's toys -- will unveil all-new Neopets plush,
    figures and other merchandise for fans.
  • Neopets books from Harper-Collins -- renowned book publisher --
    will launch five titles including puzzle and activity books starring
    favorite Neopian characters.
  • Neopets trading cards from Enterplay -- new trading cards offer fun
    and engaging activity for kids encouraging learning skills and social
  • Neopets apparel from Mamiye Brothers -- top designer of children's,
    tween and teen apparel -- introduces clothing line featuring the
    internet's first virtual pets community.
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