Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Elmo Live

Yesterday marked the arrival of Elmo Live, the rapping, dancing and storytelling animatronic doll
that'll be burning up retail this holiday season, Great Depression or
not. We got one of the little guys, and thoroughly evaluated his MC
skills, jokes and hugging ability. He's a fun little dude, at least for
a short while. Watch this video review before you "decide" to succumb
to the will of your kids and invest whatever cash you still have in
Elmo Live.
Elmo has four touch-sensitive spots—his foot, stomach, back
and nose—and he does different things depending on where you
press. Here's some of the funny things he does when you touch his nose,
such as sneezing and playing the "got your nose" game.

Videos at Gizmodo

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