Monday, August 13, 2007

Tyco Tri-clops R/C Car

Generally we try to be pretty skeptical of R/C cars, what with so
many of them being completely worthless, but the Tri-clops is anything
but. We got our hands on this little beast earlier today, and it
literally attacked us. But we're getting ahead of ourselves, first off
it has three arms complete with omni-directional wheels that allow it
to strafe back and forth, and there's even a berserker mode which sends
the Tri-clops into a frantic spin that terrorized Gizmodo HQ. But that
was only the beginning.

it raised its little helmet and beamed a red laser on us. Confused by
what was happening we focused on the bright light, only to be
relentlessly pelted by plastic glow-in-the-dark discs. And they weren't
just gently trickling out either, the Tri-clops launches them out
reaching distances as far as 20-feet. And the fun doesn't run out after
5-10 minutes like R/C cars used to when I was a kid, Tri-clops will go
run at full speed for over a half hour. All of this crazy laser-guided
R/C destruction will cost you $99.99, look for it this month.
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