Thursday, October 25, 2007

Playhut opens kids' virtual world

More toy makers are joining the virtual worlds' fray. Playhut, a toy
company known for making physical play structures like inflatable fire
engines or playhouses for kids, is trying its hand at online virtual worlds for the 6 years and older set.

On Tuesday, the company said it launched two online worlds--one for
boys and one for girls--under the brand Kraze. The free
sites enable members play games, dress up virtual characters and chat
with friends--once parents send a permission slip via e-mail to the

Playhut has stiff competition
online, however. Rival toy brands Mattel and Hasbro run online game
sites for kids that are among the top 15 most-visited among children,
according to research firm ComScore. Mattel's Barbie brand also
recently opened a new virtual world for girls that is pegged to a line
of MP3 player dress-up dolls.

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