Thursday, October 25, 2007

U.B. Funkeys

Webkinz competitor Plus: In the wake of the Webkinz phenomenon, everyone’s trying to
introduce their own version of the real-to-virtual world tween product.
One that is finding success is Mattel’s U.B. Funkeys.
A slightly more sophisticated take on the plush critters that inspired
them, Funkeys are vinyl figures that also have online identities in a
virtual world called Terrapinia.

Eliminating the problem of people stealing the codes off Webkinz toys
in stores, Funkeys must be plugged into a USB docking station, which in
turn makes the character’s avatar instantly recognized in Terrapinia.
There are 40 different Funkeys, each falling into one of three types
-“normal”, “rare”, and “very rare”- with the more “rare” models having
greater capabilities within Terrapinia. Just as with Webkinz, Funkeys
owners can use their avatars to play games to earn points to buy
virtual merchandise. We hear that parents are also enjoying the inside
joke storylines, making Terrapinia the virtual world equivalent of a
family friendly CGI movie.


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