Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Webcarzz Gets $4M in Series A Led by Meakem Becker

Webcarzz announced today that it had received $4 million in a Series A round of financing led by Meakem Becker Venture Capital.
There's little information on Webcarzz goals except that it will be
releasing information about its online game in the coming months and
that it has partnered with MCS Games
to "to push the envelope in Flash-based MMOs." It sounds like a mix of
casual games and MMOs, though, specifically a "casual multiplayer
online game that offers a social space in which users can engage in
play amongst others, but which does not require fixed play patterns, or
skill levels, for success." There's definitely an interest in virtual
worlds, at least as far as the general market goes. UPDATE:
A Webcarzz representative confirmed that the company is "playing in the
virtual worlds space." We'll have more details in the coming weeks.

“With over 300 million online gamers today, the time is ripe for virtual worlds and multiplayer online games,”
said Chris Bergstresser, CEO of Webcarzz. “Competitive play,
multiplayer activity, and exploration make up the foundation for
Webcarzz. Together with MCS Games, we are creating a very unique and
highly engaging online destination aimed at a very specific and
underserved market segment. With MBVC and MCS Games as our partners, we
will be able to execute on our vision and deliver a truly innovative
consumer experience.”

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