Friday, September 26, 2008

What Is The Deal With This Stupid Lighter iPhone App?

Everyone keeps talking about Smule’s virtual lighter iPhone application called Sonic Lighter (iTunes link).
I wasn’t impressed: there are no less than ten different virtual
lighter apps in iTunes, which is what I’d call a saturated market. And
it gets better, because Sonic Lighter costs $.99. The official Zippo
iphone app is free. The basic functionality of all of these is similar
- you have a virtual lighter, you light it and when you move the iPhone
the flame moves aroun

Here’s why people are going crazy for Sonic Lighter, and are willing
to pay $.99. Smule has built in social and viral features that are
helping this spread like mad, and they also give this ridiculous but
effective incentive to use the app all the time.

can optionally share your location information with the application,
and when you light it you show up on a virtual earth-like globe. France
and Japan are going absolutely crazy with users, which you can see
quite clearly from the virtual globe and the screenshot to the right.
The longer a person keeps the lighter going (I have mine siting here
burning while I write this), the more”KiloJoules” you burn. And that
helps contribute to the geographical teams that are sprouting up and
trying to be the brightest on the globe. Oh, and you can blow on the
microphone and extinguish the flame.

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