Monday, July 9, 2007

MyGame: Create & Publish Simple Flash Games

Online games site will officially launch MyGame Tuesday, a social gaming site that brings together user generated content, casual games, and revenue sharing.

MyGame users can play existing games or develop their own games
using a game builder. Users pick a game template, personalize it with
text, sounds and photo, then start playing.

User generated games can be shared on social networks or added to blogs and websites.

We covered a similar service, PlayMyGame in May.
Both share a common idea: user generated games. Where MyGame takes the
concept further is with the ability for users to upload their own
games. MyGame offers game developers a share of ad revenue generated by
their game, along with a chance to receive an advance cash bonus if
they integrate the MyGame API into their games.

Whilst the novelty value of sites such as MyGame and PlayMyGame is
obvious, providing an outlet where user generated games cannot only be
created, but uploaded and profited from is definitely the next step
forward in this space. MyGame may only start with a small number of
games, but the opportunity is there for the site to tap into its user
community to build something much bigger.

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