Saturday, July 14, 2007

Water Strider

Throwing its fins into the proverbial pool with various water-bourne robots such as the Strider, the CMU Water Runner, and whatever this creep is called, is the new STRIDE -- soon to be the aforementioned Strider's enemy number one. The name stands for Surface Tension Robotic Insect Dynamic Explorer, and the
minuscule bot works by mimicking the strider insect and skirting along
the surface of the water using hydrophobic wire legs coated in Teflon.
Researchers discovered that the 1-gram bot could carry a 9.3-gram
payload without breaking the surface by utilizing a sculling motion for
movement. The robot is 10-15 times slower than the actual insect and 10
times larger, but the engineers hope to lower the bot's size and
increase its speed by downsizing its build, along with expanding its
capabilities by harnessing technologies such as sensors, wireless
communication, and autonomous control.
Article Link (Engadget)

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