Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hiring for Emotional Intelligence

There are multiple aspects to emotional intelligence, but homing in
on these three in the interview process will go a long way toward
identifying candidates with high EQ--and eliminating those likely to
destroy more value than they create:

  1. Self-awareness and self-regulation. The
    candidate understands the needs and wishes that drive him and how they
    affect his behavior. He regulates his emotions so that any fear, anger,
    or anxiety he experiences doesn't spread to his colleagues or make him
    lose control.
  2. Reading others and recognizing the impact of his behavior on them.
    The candidate has well-developed emotional and social "radar" and can
    sense how his words and actions influence his colleagues.
  3. The ability to learn from mistakes. He can acknowledge his mistakes, reflect critically upon them, and learn from them.

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