Thursday, January 1, 2009

Casual MMOs get between 10-25% of users to pay

There's been some good number crunching going on at conferences and on the blogosphere to find out the basic economics of casual mmo / free to play companies. From a post a few months ago Jeremy Liew figured that successful MMOGs can expect around $1-2 per unique monthly user. A few of the figures from that post below:

* Club Penguin: $1.62/mthly user/mo
* Habbo: $1.30/mthly user/mo
* Runescape: $0.84/mthly user/mo

others from outside that article:
* Puzzle Pirates: $1.50/mthly user/mo
* IMVU: $1.66/mthly user/mo (from GigaOM)

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