Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Why events are scheduled on Tuesday

Travel: Journalists won't travel on Sundays, a non working day, for an event or presentation on Monday.

Weeklies: While a blog or website only needs moments
to distribute the news, the longest lead time of any publication that
can still be considered timely is the weekly. And the Print cycle for
most weeklies is run such that Wednesday or Thursday is not always
enough time for the weeklies to get the news in print.

Analysts: Analyst briefings are usually set the day before the news, minimizing time for info to leak out.

Set Up: The Apple event team has an extra last minute working day to set up their event.

It's PR 101: Apparently, most companies aim for
Tuesday as an important day to break news for all the reasons above.
It's just that most companies don't get noticed for this, because their
news isn't received by millions of cultists.
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