Friday, January 30, 2009

Prime-8 Robot Gorilla Can Outrun Your Kids


As if your poor kids didn’t have enough toy robot dangers
to be worried about, they have no way of escaping from the Prime-8
robot gorilla (::snork::), which is fast enough to run them down. The
bipedal robot propels itself forward by rotating its two gigantic arms
around at high speed, and according to its creators at Bossa Nova, “it
can run as fast as a small child.” On grass, no less. This is supposed
to be an excellent way for kids to get exercise, and I couldn’t agree
more, especially if the Prime-8 comes with a chase mode and angry ape
noises (no details on that). To defend yourself, you chuck balls at it
until you hit it in the crotch. I’m not kidding, that’s one of the
eight included games.


Prime-8 is partially autonomous, although you can control him with
buttons on his body or a remote (thank god). It should go on sale for
Christmas of this year for about $140.

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