Thursday, May 24, 2007

WowWee RS Media in US

Wowwee is a great innovator and all, but sometimes it doesn't play so
nice, refusing to share all the wonderful toys in its robotic zoo with
everyone in the world. Specifically, some of the company's hottest
products -- like the
RoboPanda and RoboBoa -- are doomed forever to a foreign-only release, leaving us gadget-happy Americans stuck with the Dragonflies and last-gen Robosapiens stacked up at the local Radio Shack. So you can see why even the US availability of limited quantities of Wowwee's latest and greatest robotic companion / killing machine is something to get a little excited about, with several dozen of the LCD-equipped, hacker-friendly units left over from the JavaOne Conference
going for $329 each on a first-come-first-served basis. As of this
posting only 44 RS Medias are still up for grabs, according to
RoboCommunity (actually populated by humans, we suspect), and since
these specific models come bundled with the Sun robot extension,
sitting back and waiting for a possible stateside deployment might not be the best idea.

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