Friday, May 4, 2007

LawnBott Remote-Controlled Mower

Cordless, remote-controlled lawnmower
with a flat blade that mulches the grass as it cuts it. Charge it up on
its docking station and it will go for 4 hours—or 33,000 square
feet—on one single charge. It's apparently so quiet that you can
let it run all night without bugging the neighbors, it doesn't mind a
bit of light rain, and a heavier shower will send it toddling back to
its base station like the obedient little robot it is.

It does hills—anything up to a 1:4 gradient, in fact—and
only uses around $7 to $10 of electricity each year. The downside is
the price: the LB2000 Professional will set you back $1,749.

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