Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Retailers 'Sell' to Young Virtually

Retailer Kohl's Corp. this month launched a new line of apparel, but
the plaid skirts and printed T-shirts won't be sold in its 957 stores.
Instead, it's selling them on Stardoll.com, a virtual community for
teens and tweens where kids can fork over "Stardollars" -- purchased
online at a nominal sum -- to buy apparel for their online characters.

With back-to-school sales off to a slow start, more old-line retailers
and clothing labels are reaching out to kids online, enticing them to
try virtual versions of their togs in hopes of making actual sales
later. Kohl's
first virtual line features pieces from its new Abbey Dawn collection,
designed by singer Avril Lavigne. In its first 16 days, Kohl's Stardoll
boutique logged some 2.2 million visits and sold 1.8 million items.
Kohls.com lured 97,000 visitors who clicked through from the boutique

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