Monday, August 18, 2008

Stardoll Doubles Membership Over Year to Hit 20M Registered Users

Stardoll announced yesterday that it had reached 20 million registered users, double the 10 million registered users that Stardoll announced just over a year ago
and continuing to grow at about 25 thousand new registrations per day.
Over the year, the company also says that it has seen a 33% increase in
monthly unique visitors, bringing the total to 36 million visits from
over 8 million unique users. Stardoll shared some other stats tracking
use since its launch in 2006: 208,287,567 virtual items sold,
1,784,647 items created by users, and 787,000 clubs formed by the
community. "In less than a year, Stardoll’s membership has more than
doubled—skyrocketing to 20 million,” CEO Mattias Miksche said in a
statement. “There are now more people in the Stardoll community than
in all but six countries within the European Union; if we were a U.S.
state, we would be the third most populous; and we’re approximately as
big as the entire continent of Australia. These numbers continue to
illustrate Stardoll’s success as one of the most popular destinations
on the Web."

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