Saturday, December 2, 2006

Bandai and Evolution Robotics Partner on Breakthrough Telepresence Robot

The NetTansor is an excellent example of how fast the consumer robotics market is advancing,” said Paolo Pirjanian, CEO of Evolution Robotics. “We see a growing demand for innovative solutions like ViPR that enable companies like Bandai, WowWee and Sharper Image to deliver breakthrough new products at consumer-friendly prices.”
User-friendly software powered by the ViPR vision system lets hobbyists and families create their own programs for NetTansor for a broad range of purposes, from practical to pure fun. Examples include programming NetTansor to automatically take and send a picture each time the robot drives by a pet’s bowl to show how much food is left, creating a flash card game to help a student practice his/her vocabulary skills, or having NetTansor dance and play a song each time a child holds up one of the picture command cards included with the kit.
Bandai will begin taking orders for the NetTansor robot kit for sale in Japan on December 16, 2006. The complete kit will sell for roughly $415. (US$)

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