Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Devious Clocky hits the market, ready to roll

We must have missed the memo explaining the world's growing problem of ignoring their alarm clocks, but on second thought, maybe it's just time (ahem) for manufacturers to crank out solutions to the issue that has quietly been around for centuries. Not too long after the ever-mischievous Blowfly hit the market to force drowsy individuals to rise and shine, Nanda Home is offering up the rugged (and oh-so-devious) Clocky to those who are ready to deal with their addiction to snooze. Ready to roll in almond white, aqua, and mint colors, this dual-wheeled alarm clock gives users just one free round of snooze before it darts around the room, blaring its alarm and zooming across floors until the exhausted owner manages to locate, load, and fire his / her shotgun at the free-spirited toy. Watch out, though, as this bugger can even leap from three-foot heights without missing a tick, and it's finally ready to shake up your morning routine for a relatively modest $49.99.

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