Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tamagotchi Mobile


Are you stuck in a 1996 timewarp? Perhaps you have kiddie issues.
Fear not, for Bandai and Playphones have gotten together and come up
with the Tamagotchi prepaid cellphone. Like all the best ideas, it is a
simple concept...

Your phone rings. Blah. When your conversation is finished, hatch
your virtual pet. Take another call. Smother your pet with love. Take
another call. See Petski there? Well, keep smothering. Make a call.
Smother away, dearie. Ring Ring! Stroke Stroke. Yadda Yadda. Stroke.
My, we are popular since we got our pastel kooky clamshell.

Pet needs to pee. But you need to talk to Glorinda and Shaznay about
that new boy in fifth grade. This conversation is not over. But your
interest in the pet is. Phone goes again. Pet is thirsty. Give a fuck.
Pet dies. Decide that your mobile is ugly. Go to Mom, pester her and
whine until she gives in, rolls her eyes and buys you an iPhone.

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