Thursday, July 5, 2007

HortiBot: the autonomous, GPS-enabled weed eradicator

HortiBot won't go down as the first robot with weed extermination
as its sole mission in life, but this particular robot ups the ante in
a serious way. Conjured up by a team of Danish agricultural scientists,
the three-foot by three-foot autonomous
machine is "equipped with a computer and GPS to find the exact location
of weeds," and being that it's also reportedly self-propelled, you
hardly have to keep an eye on it. Moreover, the device can be flanked
by an array of weed-removing attachments depending on a farmer's
specific needs, and promises to curb "herbicide usage by 75-percent."
Currently, the cost of one Hortibot would run around $71,000, but the
crew hopes to land a manufacturing partner and reduce those charges
when it (hopefully) goes commercial.
Article Link (Engadget)

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