Tuesday, July 24, 2007

RC2 unveils V_Bot three-in-one toy robot

Sure, you could throw down for a robotic car, Transformer, and speaker station whenever you well please, but how's about snatching all three in one fell swoop? RC2 is sure hoping that the aforementioned trio goes well blended together in a remote-controlled creature, as the V_Bot brings together all of those elements for what it dubs "the ultimate remote control robotic experience." The device can morph from vehicle to robotic beast in a matter of seconds via the handheld remote, and if digital driving controls and a host of built-in dance moves weren't enough to satisfy you, you can throw it in park and enjoy some tunes when you've had your fill of burnin' linoleum and breaking it down. Not too shabby at all for £129.99 ($267).
Article Link (Engadget)

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