Thursday, July 5, 2007

Top reasons they are seeing Transformers

In a recent online survey on Fandango, several thousand moviegoers
responded with the top reasons they are seeing Transformers. The results are
as follows:

    -- 75% were fans of the Transformers cartoons when they were kids;

-- 65% had played with the Transformers toys;

-- 24% had read the comic books;

-- 16% are fans of director Michael Bay.

In addition, the Fandango survey results reveal that:

-- 73% of Transformers moviegoers on Fandango are male;

-- 70% are between 18 and 34;

-- 77% said that the summer movies they've seen have either met or
exceeded their expectations;

-- 71% said they would like to visit locations where Transformers was

-- 92% said they would like to purchase a copy of the film when it comes
out on DVD.

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