Sunday, July 29, 2007

Teaching Programming for Kids

Logo is a programing language for kids. There is a free version for the PC, MSWlogo, which also has lots of online tutorials. There is also a free version for the Mac, ACSLogo.

Lego Mindstorms
Programmable lego sets that offer a fairly simple programming interface. There is also a free online Lego simbot which overlaps with Logo.

Control applications offer a good visual way to learn programming concepts. Flowol is a popular one used with students.

Game Maker
Game maker is excellent and free and allows for both drag and drop and coding.

Scratch is a superb new visual programming environment that is gathering a lot of attention amongst educators. It can be used to create games, tell stories, respond to variables and so on.

For the final stage I would recommend alice for OOP but without the headache!

One thing I'm going to try with my 10 year old is Yahoo Pipes

Code for Fun says I would highly recommend KPL(Kids Programming Language)...It's like BASIC on steriod..KPL is base on C#.

Hackety Hack
why, the luck stiff, put together an environment specifically designed to get kids interested in programming. It's based on ruby and specializes in creating applications that would interest kids, such as a blog or a music player. This is why he did, here is how you can get it, and here is more info about it.

Article Link (Wired)

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