Monday, October 22, 2007

The battle is on for young Bakugan fans

October 19, 2007 - Thousands of children will
converge on the Square One Wal-Mart tommorow in hopes of getting their
hands on a super-popular toy.
will be after Bakugan, a card-based game that lets children battle each
other as fictional characters. It's geared towards boys age six to 11
and is currently one of the fastest selling toys in the world. It was
created by Spinmaster.
"It's sold out in most of Canada," said
public relations spokesperson Dale Gago. "They (stores) can't even keep
the toy on the shelf for more then a week."
The game has also been spun-off into an animated TV series.
Wal-Mart will stock the shelves with thousands of games. The price will
vary from $5-$20, depending on how many cards and how much game
equipment you want.
Spinmaster will also have game demonstrators outside the store, playing the game and giving out free cards and game figures.
Children can enter a 3 p.m. draw. The winner will be literally drawn into the animated TV show.

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