Monday, October 22, 2007

Virtual Toys Coming for Holidays


This holiday season, expect to be bombarbed by a slew of toys interacting with the Web.

avalanche comes as the nation's toy companies try to mimic the enormous
popularity of Ganz's Webkinz, plush pets that come alive online with a
secret password, and follow children to where they're going - online.

Hasbro Inc.


the nation's second largest toy maker, is the latest with its launch of
a virtual spinoff of the popular line of Littlest Pet Shop collectible
miniature pets. The initial line includes a series of five plush toys -
a dog, cat, turtle, penguin and panda.

Once kids are online, they
can "officially" adopt their pet and play games to rack up "kibble
points," which can be spent to buy outfits and snacks for the digital
version of their pet, or decorations for their pets' virtual houses.

launch the new collection, which will initially only be available in
New York and on Hasbro's Web site, the Pawtucket-based company has
opened a temporary store on New York City's Fifth Avenue.

Hasbro says it will release 18 more VIPs in the spring, when it releases the toy line globally.

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