Monday, October 22, 2007

PLEO(TM) Life Form by Ugobe(R) will be part of a hot "tech toy" lineup at The Sharper Image this holiday season.

In stock now is oodles of wow at The Sharper Image (NASDAQ:SHRP),
the headquarters for this seasons hottest
trends in toys and technology. Thats
because the retailer is expecting a tech and toy season predominantly
driven by consumers desire to interact with
products that allow them to escape, fantasize and have fun. Fuzzy
slippers and plush toys that dont have sound
chips or sensors have become wants of the past and have been replaced by
coveted items like PLEO the Camarasaurus
and a vast array of robotics, electronics and high tech dazzlers.

We pre-shopped the marketplace and have
brought to consumers some of the hottest tech products that capture
imaginations and entertainment hours. When it comes to holiday gifting
consumers are looking for the WOW factor that they have come to expect
through technology, stated Drew Reich,
Executive Vice President of Merchandising for The Sharper Image. The
hottest gift categories for this holiday season will be tech toys and
robotics with sophisticated sensory systems and cameras that can beam
pictures to computers and cell phones.

The toy of the season, PLEO Life Form by
begins life as a newly-hatched baby Camarasaurus
that moves organically, expresses emotion, explores autonomously and
responds to the world around him. As PLEO grows
up, he develops his own unique personality shaped by his interactions
with its owner. A sophisticated sensory system includes a color camera;
sound, touch and motion sensors; and 14 finely tuned motors with over
100 gears.

Other interactive robots include the Robopanda®
Interactive Robot ($149.95),
an animated singing, story-telling
robotic companion ideal for young children and robot collectors that
performs more than 40 lifelike movements. Star Wars®"
fanatics will want the R2-D2 Interactive
Astromech Droid ($119.95),
which is
voice activated and recognizes 30 phrases, responds to commands, and
plays games while serving as a dedicated helper and loyal friend. He
navigates with sonar and infrared sensors.

Robots bring out the child in all of us and
captivate and fascinate consumers of all ages,
added Reich. While we have a robust
inventory, indications are that these are the hottest gifts of the year
and we urge consumers to preorder through our website.

Other hot to have and cool to give
toys and products include:

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