Friday, April 20, 2007

Airsoft Roomba kits up with plastic pellets

We always knew that the eventual robotic rebellion would come in stages (and would start with Roombas), so while many may take a childish satisfaction in seeing an innocent Roomba hacked up to shoot Airsoft BB pellets, we're constantly aware that this is another step towards the ultimate annihilation of all meat-based life forms. "Cool Bots!" MAKE cries,
oblivious to the destructive potential pent up inside the little
hoover's circuitry -- it's thinking: "I don't even need to try, they're
giving me weapons!" Fortunately, this is very much an early stage killer robot,
as the photos over on isobot's flickr stream attest. The modified
Roomba may look menacing with its red laser sight, but it appears as if
the little thing can't aim its plastic payload any higher than a few
inches off the ground, limiting its targets to feet and unsuspecting
house cats. Of course, that red laser also gives it more than a passing
similarity to a certain infamous robot / human hybrid. Today, Airsoft;
tomorrow, assimilation?

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