Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Gostai is an innovative company developing tools and software for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. The core of our technology is the parallel and distributed URBI platform.

Gostai is a Paris-based company dedicated to Artificial Intelligence applied to Robotics. The core technology is URBI, the Universal Real-time Behavior Interface which is a powerful parallel script engine coupled with the UObject component architecture, usable to control hardware and software components in a flexible and portable way.

Our mission is to provide robot manufacturers and end-users with the best universal robotic platform, assocuated to state-of-the-art software modules (voice recognition, face detect, ...) in partnership with leading robotic sofware companies and academic research labs.

R&D Offices: 32 Boulevard Victor 75015 Paris, France
Subway stations: Porte de Versailles or Balard
Tramway: T3 Station Desnouettes

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