Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sega Unveils Robotic Baby Chicks

We should be thinking about these small ideas and push the envelop with new concepts that are in the $9.99 price range.

My late grandfather owned a chicken coop, which regularly produced a
few dozen yellow, fluffy chicks every year or so. If you’ve ever had
the opportunity to spend much time around baby chickens, you’ll notice
a few things:

Cuddly? Check. Yellow? Check. Cute? Check. Prone to crap on
everything in sight and make a mess of your easter clothes?
Unfortunately, a smelly check there as well.

Now Japanese toy maker Sega
has developed a range of robotic baby chickens that remove the messy
bits and retain the furry, cuddly parts of these popular critters.
According to Reuters, the little gadgets will wiggle their wings and
peep when stroked. They don’t do much else, but it’s obvious that the
appeal of fuzzy little robots endures. Check out some additional
Reuters photos and some video as well. (Source: Reuters) - [Jeff James]

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