Thursday, April 26, 2007

Smart Cycle from Fisher-Price corrupts our youth, must be stopped

Alright Mattel, we see
what you're trying to do here, and we don't like it one bit. Sure, cram
a few "edutainment" titles down kids throats now and then, maybe even
sneak some learning into an innocuous-seeming video game, but if you're
going to make children go through all the trouble of freakin' exercise to obtain your sinister educational wares, we say you've gone too far. The new $100 Fisher-Price Smart Cycle, which we briefly mentioned
other the day, plugs directly into a television and allows its
unwitting pupils to hop aboard the bike, fire away at the pedals, and
attempt to steer into items on screen such as letters or numbers in an
arcade-style racing game. Mattel even trotted out Richard Simmons to
show off the wares and encourage the children who were demonstrating
the device: "There's an M!" Simmons said. "Get it! Get it!" The word on
the street is that the Cycle did quite well for Mattel at the Toy Fair,
and might even be an Elmo-esque success for them this holiday season,
but at least our friend on the right in the picture above seems to be
on to their game. It's alright, little man, we're on your side. Peep a
press shot of the bike after the break.

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