Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Petster - The 1985 Robot Cat

Though it might seem like another Ruxpin rip-off, Axlon actually had a
hand in creating both items. The company's frontman was no stranger to
robotics -- Axlon fashioned tons of 'em, of all kinds, and even a few
used for home video game systems and computers. Petster was in good
hands. The toy wasn't a mere stop-and-go creature; aside from all the
usual remote-controlled and sound-operated movements, Petster was
equipped with a sensor that let him stroll along, safely "exploring"
without hitting into any walls or kiddie feet. It might not seem like a
big deal now, especially after we've seen hundreds of toys that could
pull off similar feats. Well, this
thing was the prototype -- there's been tons of electronically enhanced
wonders to hit store shelves patterned directly after Petster, and had
the cat not set precedent for robots affordable enough for a kid to
receive on their birthday, the long-lasting fad might've never come to
be. If you've ever enjoyed a cute little robot toy, you owe Petster
some thanks


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