Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Robot babysitter keeps kids occupied in Japanese store

Inhuman babysitters aren't all that uncommon
around the world, but a new creature recently placed in a Japanese
department store is a godsend for shopaholics with rugrats in tow.
Developed by Tmsuk,
the 1.4-meter tall bot is employed at a Fukuoka retailer in order to
keep watch over rambunctious youngsters that are dropped off by their
overworked parents. Reportedly, said critter boasts an integrated
projector and camera, a colorful yellow / white outfit and the ability
to identify children by name based on a special tag that each kiddo
wears while playing. Of course, the manufacturer isn't looking to just
shove one or two of these into every store in Japan -- oh no, it's
hoping to create similar robots that could one day "guide customers
through the aisles of a store," fill their carts or whisper the joke of
the day in a French accent into their ears.

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