Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Citizens Urged to Take Precaution as Tropical Storm Alice Heads towards the Virtual World Whyville.com

PASADENA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--At approximately 3:00 p.m. WST (Whyville Standard Time), a large
tropical storm is expected to hit Whyville.com,
the only learning-based virtual world
for todays digital
. Tropical Storm Alice
is heading towards the virtual world,
populated by 2.3 million 8-15 year-olds. Winds near the center of the
storm are already registering between 20-34 knots, or 23-39 mph, with
rainfall amounts of up to 20 inches an hour, never before seen on the
island. Whyville citizens are advised to brace themselves for what may
be major flooding.

Tropical Storm Alice is intended to raise awareness of global
climate issues
and is associated with the opening of the new Whyville
Climate Center
, which is sponsored by Penguin Young Readers Group,
the publisher of Al Gore's young
adult book, An Inconvenient Truth: The Crisis
of Global Warming (Viking Children's
Books/Rodale Books $16.00; 208 pages; Ages 11 up). The Climate Center
will serve as the focal point for the discussion and further educational
, while significant virtual rainfall continues for at
least another 12-36 hours. This will result in widespread flooding and
destruction throughout Whyville, with considerable rubbish and debris
littering the virtual world. Whyvilles
citizens will need to join together in a massive clean up effort to
restore their environment over the next several days.

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