Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Online habits of 8-14 Year-Olds

About 77 percent of kids shop on the Internet. Almost 10 percent in the survey report said they have a credit card, though the number is self-reported. Another method of payment is gift cards. "Their greatest delight is that they love going online to spend, they love using gift cards online," said Schwartz.

Fourteen percent of respondents helped parents find tax forms on irs.gov and got information from the Web site. Kids also pitched in on banking and online bill payment tasks. Additional chores given to kids include sharing pictures and e-mails with relatives (38 percent); looking up movie listings (38 percent); responding to invitations, party and vacation planning (36 percent each); and travel (36 percent); getting driving directions (35 percent).

A quarter (26 percent) of kids average in excess of three hours online each day. Almost half (46 percent) of kids surveyed said their parents monitor and remain in control of time spent online. One quarter of kids have been caught doing something wrong on the Internet, and 20 percent of kids aged 8 to 14 say they have an e-mail account they keep secret from their parents.

The "Surfin' on Mom's Turf" study was conducted in two parts. Quantitative interviews with small groups of nine- and 10-year-olds and moms of children of the same age were conducted from January through March. The focus groups helped with attitude and behavior and aided in the formation of a 10-question online survey, the second component of the study. The online survey was taken by 6,064 children aged 8 to14.

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