Thursday, June 21, 2007

Generation Y Multitaskers Boost Media Time

Time Spent with Media* per Day among US Consumers, by Age, May 2004-May 2007 (hrs:mins)

US Teen* Internet Users Who Use Other Media While Going Online, 2006 (millions)

Although multitasking extends across all age groups, teens are generally more likely to multitask media than adults.

eMarketer Senior Analyst Debra Aho Williamson says more research
is needed to discover exactly how multitasking affects consumers.

"The media and advertising industries must move beyond simply
acknowledging that multitasking takes place," Ms. Williamson says, "and
support research initiatives that can establish which media are most
likely to be 'foreground,' or primary, media, and which are more likely
to be in the background. In addition, more research must be done to
show marketers whether advertising that only receives partial attention
is still effective."

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Percent of Time Spent Using Select Media that Is Shared with Simultaneous Usage of Other Media among US Consumers Ages 14-27, February 2006 & February 2007

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