Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Kansei makes a comeback with reactive facial expressions

Quite a lot has transpired in the
android universe in the past two years, and it's fairly safe to say that Kansei
has made a few solid strides during that time as well. A Japanese
research team has purportedly crafted a working prototype that can
"pull up to 36 different facial expressions
based on a program which creates word associations from a self-updating
online database of 500,000 keywords." According to a professor at Meiji
University's School of Science and Technology, the idea of the project
is to "create a flow of consciousness in robots so that they can make
the relevant facial expressions," and the device relies on 19 movable
parts and a silicon face mask in order to work its magic. Developers
also noted that speech abilities should be added within a few years,
and while we doubt you had to guess, it's quite likely that fully
developed Kanseis will one day roam nursing homes as Japan seeks to care for its quickly growing geriatric set.

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