Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pleo ready for US pre-order: $349 for your eventual destruction

Check it US Pleo hopefuls, UGOBE is now taking pre-orders for the hotly anticipated dinobot. The price? Well, it's not $250, or even $300
as we were originally told. Rather, the cuddly killer is now pegged at
$349. Pre-orders can be executed directly from the UGOBE website or via
the usual array of on-line retail partners. Unfortunately, you'll have
to wait a few months before your Pleo can "inspire mystery and awe as a
companion" -- it doesn't ship until October. Plenty of time to ponder
the threat of inviting a robot and dinosaur into your home. Now head on over to Pleoworld for plenty of hot, groaning, dino-on-dino action.

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sarjoun said...

from Pleoworld:
New Features Coming This Fall
Create & search profiles, write a Pleo blog, download sounds & behaviors, create & share programs and more!